Custom Build the Process

Custom building can be a very overwhelming process. Building a custom home requires a lot of time and attention. Your first appointment will be a TON of information but don’t worry, we will be here for all your information and decision making needs. We try to make it as easy as possible though.

Your first step would be to make an appointment to walk the model. During this appointment you can see first hand the level of standards we suggest and get all your initial questions answered. It will help you determine if you want to move forward with the process or not.

If you decide to move forward after your first appointment, the next appointment will be with Mr. Garrison and our draftsman. Prior to this appointment you will have done some homework, searching through floor plans to find your favorite features for your new home. We’ll collect all imperative information and come up with a first draft for your floor plan.

After as many revisions that you may need, you will need to make all your selections. Interior, exterior, flooring, paint, etc. Then your home goes to pricing. Once pricing comes back we will reconvene to discuss the whole picture and move forward from there.