Southern Meadow

Happy October

Cake & Tea Party on a SATURDAY November is TBD.

What it is:  A Tea & Cake Party.  Attendees bake your favorite cake (NO STORE BOUGHT cakes) and bring it to the tea. Thelma will give a talk on the mechanics of baking. All cakes will be cut into small serving portions for the “Bakers” to sample with their tea.  Attendees BYOT = bring your own Tea Cup. Several varieties of tea will be available. If you have a favorite tea you would like to share at the Tea Cake Party, bring it with you.  Sharon will put a sign up sheet in the clubhouse once a date is firmed up. Watch your email & remember to sign up. YOU MUST SIGN UP to attend this event. If you cannot make it to the clubhouse to sign up, please email with your entry.



For more holiday fun, Agnes Case is proposing a Yankee Gift Exchange, so be on the look out for more information, such as day, time and place. The way to play is as follows:

1.   Everyone who wants to participate brings a wrapped Christmas gift.  (Spend only 10 – 15 dollars—no more.  But do not give junk; make it something you would be willing to receive.)
2.  Each participant draws a number from 1 to as many people as are participating.
3.  Participant number one is able to select whichever wrapped gift he/she would like, then unwraps it so that the group can see,
4.  Participant number 2 can choose a wrapped gift or take the opened gift from number 1.  In which case number one gets to choose another gift.
5.  Participant number 3 can choose a wrapped gift or take either of the other ones.
6.  This goes on until the last number has chosen a gift.  Then participant number one gets to choose any of the gifts available.


World Series Pool

Don Z. will be running a World Series Pool in October. Criteria are: $3 per ticket – no limit on purchase.  You pick:

1.  # of total runs scored in series (w.o going over)
2.  # of games in series (4, 5, 6 or 7 w/o going over)
3.  winning team

• Winner gets 50% of the pot: split if multiple winners
• 2nd place 30% of pot: split if multiple winners, correct team and innings, miss runs by 1
• 3rd place 20% of pot: split if multiple winners correct team and innings miss runs by 2

Tickets on sale after series teams announced and before the first game.

Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day is November 11th and it is a Wednesday this year. There will be tables set up in the Club House for all to honor and display any photos or memorabilia of persons in your family who have served: grandparents, parents, yourself, brothers, sisters, sons or daughters. Please take the time to honor a Veteran in your family by displaying photos or mementos of them.
The community is invited to tour these tables throughout the day.  Please, if you are displaying items, please set up by 10:00 am. The tables will be set up the night before.
Do you have military memorabilia of any kind, such as trench art from World War II, souvenirs of your military assignment overseas – Korea, Germany, Viet Nam, etc. Please come and display them for all to enjoy. We have a great and patriotic community!


The Southern Meadow woodcarvers meet at the clubhouse every Wednesday between 1:30 and 4:30. They are beginning to work on holiday projects at this time.


Meeting on the Porch

Exercise in the Clubhouse

Exercise will continue as we have been with low impact M, W, F, at 8:30. Yoga for Seniors is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:30. Beginner yoga is at 9:30 on Mon.
Zumba toning is at 10:00 on Thursday. Zumba Gold is on Friday at 9:30. Toning and Zumba are $5 pp per class.

If anyone would like an exercise class at a later time, they can get a group together to play the DVDs as the 8:30 group does. The Yoga DVDs and Leslie Sansone Walking DVDs are stored in the drawer under the clubhouse TV. Anybody needing instruction regarding DVD setup can give Jonalyn Chagaris a call, and she walk you through the simple process.

Walking in the pool was fun and good exercise. A group of ladies are interested in keeping up the momentum and they are planning on going to Lake Forest High School pool’s hours for seniors. If you want more information, contact Holly Dozois.