Meet the Puglielli Family

Meet the Puglielli family

To Garrison builders and I-Realty.

I want to let you know that the process of getting our house built from start to finish was a smooth and pleasant experience. Thanks to the people involved in making a dream, become a reality.

Jamiee, Nicole and Sherrie. A thank you to Jamiee, for his patience and understanding of what we wanted our house to be like. He would listen to what we wanted and give is idea of what would be and even better idea or option to get the results we wanted. The way he explained things and how it would be very understandable and precise. And he got the project done right on the date that was set for the house to be completed. Can’t say enough good things about this man.

A thank you to Nicole for keeping us informed about how the process of building a house works. The step by step process of getting this project completed. The how’s and why’s and the reason things are done this way. The phone calls from us, sometimes even on her day off because certain concerns we had, she answered them and put our minds at ease.

A thank you to Sherrie, for her tremendous vision and knowledge of just about anything that involved the interior of the house. The vision to see the pros and cons of changing certain things inside the house that might affect something else. The time my wife spent with her kicking ideas back and forth until they got it right was something to see.

So, in closing, it was an honor to have the interaction with the above-named people to all come together and make this house become something we are really happy with!


Linda and Bob Puglielli